Rich Waschmann


Pug By FireHello my name is Richard , my wife is Christina , We live in Beautiful Vernon, New Jersey . We have known each other for over 20 years and have been married for 10 years . We have 4 Incredible children together... Three amazing energy filled boys, Dustin - 17 , Gavin - 9 , and Talan- 5 , and who could forget our youngest and only daughter, the beautifully spoiled Raven who is 4 .

We are owned by four beautiful dogs. Zoey is a gorgeous 8 year old black pug, her daughter Nina, who is a beautiful brindle 7 month old pug, Our Lavender and white snooty well spoiled Chihuahua Aspen, and finally our matriarch Mariah who is a 14 year old beautiful and loving chocolate Staffordshire Terrior.

In 2004 we made a decision that would change our lives forever , we Brindle Pugstarted "Christina's Angel's / Panini Pugs " effort to breed our gorgeous chocolate Chihuahua who we adored so much for her perfect temperament. Tia was truly an ideal example in every way of her breed and we wanted to share her line with other Chihuahua lovers . We knew that producing, raising, and properly socializing quality Puppies for other families to enjoy as we did , just seemed natural and unselfish. Although Tia is no longer with us, she helped us to begin this journey. During this amazing beginning my wife really was also falling in love with the Pug breed as I had many years ago soooooooo.......

Brindle PugIn 2007 we embarked on another endeavor that would solidify our place in the Pug community , by taking our experience and reputation one step further and beginning to produce our line of a breed of dog I have loved for over 20 years and now that my wife was also in love with......Pugs .

After 4 years producing litters yielding striking Black, Fawn, and Apricot Pugs........our continued interest to learn more about rare colored Pugs grew stronger, and stronger. In 2012 our desire became a reality after producing our first Brindle Pug (Nina) . What an incredible and rewarding step forward for us in this already infectious breed of dog.

With rare Pug colors becoming more beautiful than ever and available in recent years, the ever growing public interest in these signature Pugs grows alongside it and we are honored and ecstatic to be a part in sharing it with you.

We are a private breeder here in northern N.J, producing Black, Fawn, Apricot (reddish fawn), and for the first time in 2012, Brindle Pugs. We have a true love for these little angels. Our Pug's are true examples of this amazing breed. They are all socialized excessively with Dogs (small and large), young children and cats. They are raised right in our home as part of our family , with lots of love and attention from everyone , including friends and neighbors who simply stop by , just to visit our Angels.... Which happens often!

They are all AKC registered and come with registration and a four generation Pedigree. These little gems have adorable personalities. Please take a peek and feel free to contact us with any and all questions. Please also feel free to E-mail us to be added to our waiting list/wish list. We will contact you when litters arrive and you may then come to see puppies and give a deposit if you desire.


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