James Hollis

Celtic Pugs was started with one small little cobby apricot Pug named Hollis BoysBrijid in and around the year 2000. Jim and Katie have learned and grown so much with our two sons J.D. and Jake by our side, helping to deliver puppies, and raising and caring for them.

At one time we used to breed exotic mammals to supply local pet shops, and that truly was a labor or love. It was a tremendous amount of work each and every day.

Once we adopted Brijid, we were hooked.We had an idea that we wanted to start to breed Pugs, but knew that we needed to give up the exotic animal breeding, and while the humble beginnings of Celtic Pugs began to grow, the other pets needed to be fazed out so we could devote all of our time and attention on our Pugs.

Hollis ClanAfter a few litters of Pugs, are Celtic Clan began to grow, one dog at a time. We eventually added Onora, our first Brindle girl to the clan, from Oregon, and our brindle line began. It took a few years after until we were able to combine our fawn and black lines with our brindle lines.

Then this year, we were SO lucky to get a call from Leah Gamble of Gable Pugs, that she wanted us to have Kellach, then known as Laila. Of course we wanted her, even knowing some of her social quirks. Well a few months later, Kellach is thrilled to be part of the Celtic Pugs clan, and we of course are thrilled to have her.

We have been members of other clubs, but we were extactic to be able to be part of creating a new and improved club with the PDCC. We Scubastrive to continue to keep learning, each and every puppy teaches us something.

In addition to our Pug family, we also breed English Bulldogs, but only about one litter per year, for there is SO much more involved when it comes to breeding English Bulldogs.

We look forward to working with all the members of the PDCC, and Slainte to the success of the Pug Dog Club of Colours.

Celtic Pugs

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