Erin Holland

I am Erin Holland. I live in Spring Hill, a quaint little town just south of Nashville, TN. I am a registered nurse who works nights full time. I am also a wife (of 11 years) and a mother to 3 little boys. Besides all that I raise pugs! I have been an animal lover my entire life and have always had critters of some sort in my life. As a teenager I raised and showed rabbits. It was my passion in life and opened me up to the world of breeding and raising quality animals and on educating and mentoring others in the breeding world. I have a bachelors degree in animal science (along with my nursing degree). My husband works from home as a software engineer.

I got started raising pugs in 2007 when I bought one for my husband for father's day. Little did he know it was the beginning of a new passion for me! A few years ago I read about rare colored pugs on the internet and was determined to be a part of bringing them into the mainstream so I brought home a beautiful AKC white boy from Minnesota and made him my stud dog, Louie. Currently I live in a subdivision so I am only able to keep 4 pugs at the moment. It's about all we have room for. But in August of 2012 we purchased 8.5 acres in the country and will be building a home on it in the near future. I can't wait to expand my pug family where they will have room to grow and play. All of my dogs are indoors with us, or in our fenced in shaded backyard on nice days, being played with by my 3 boys and numerous neighbor children. I raise only AKC pugs. I have been involved as an assistant coordinator for a local Nashville pug meetup group. I love helping good families find the perfect pug for them and I like being able to be a go-to person for help and information. I enjoy mentoring other new breeders and growing in a club just like the PDCC.

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